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Tensile Fabric Facades: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

By May 8, 2018June 16th, 2021No Comments

Tensile Fabric Facades: Answering Your Frequently Asked QuestionsAcross the world, tensile fabric facades have become an increasingly valuable solution for property owners who are looking to address a wide range of challenges, including energy efficiency, comfort in the interior, improved aesthetics, and brand awareness.  As more American companies continue to take notice of the benefits of facade technologies, we’re hearing similar questions being asked.  If you have questions about tensile fabric facades, take a look through our frequently asked questions below or simply give us a call at 800-422-6827.

What Are Tensile Fabric Facades (aka Tension Fabric Facades or Tensile Membrane Facades)?

A tensile fabric facade is a system of tensioned fabric or flexible membrane material that acts as a second skin to a building’s exterior.  It’s an innovative and cost-effective alternative to the traditional metal mesh facade screens.

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What are the Benefits of a Tensile Fabric Facade?

There are many benefits to incorporating a tensile fabric facade into your building design, including supporting sustainability efforts, blocking UV rays, allowing natural diffused light to pass, reducing noise pollution, and increasing the overall energy efficiency of the structure by reducing solar heat gain.  Additionally, with the availability of a variety of membrane types like PTFE or PVC membrane, facades transform plain or outdated buildings into iconic structures.

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What Are the Most Common Uses for Tensile Fabric Facades?

Tensile fabric facades have a wide range of applications.  They are often used for office buildings, parking garages, sports arenas, hotels, and educational institutions.  However, they have great value for any structure that wants to update its look without a full-scale renovation, for buildings that are struggling with energy efficiency challenges, or for property owners who want to provide a branding or advertising opportunity.

How Do Tensile Fabric Facades Help with Energy Efficiency?

Tensile fabric facades have emerged as one of the most innovative, versatile, and cost-effective options for architectural shading solutions.  They can help reduce interior temperatures by 10-15oF, which in turn reduces the burden on air conditioning units.  By allowing diffused light to pass through the membrane, these facades also reduce the need for artificial light during the daytime.

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Are Tensile Fabric Facades Best for New Constructions or Renovations?

Tensile fabric facades are great options for both new constructions and renovations.  New construction projects often look to facades for help with energy efficiency goals and LEED certification.  Renovation projects celebrate the facade’s ability add modern aesthetics and functionality to the building’s exterior without the cost of a traditional renovation.

What is the Process for Purchasing, Designing, and Installing a Facade?

Tensile fabric facades are designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed to meet the unique requirements of your project.  With full-service design-build capabilities, our team of designers, engineers, manufacturers, and installers at Eide Industries ensures a finished project that surpasses your expectations.  Starting with your vision, we guide you through our four-stage process with ease.

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Are Tensile Fabric Facades Right for Your Project?

In the Tension Structures Division of Eide Industries, we specialize in design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of structurally complex and creatively challenging commercial, government, and prototype design projects.  Our expertise with tensile facade systems and tension structures supports architects, designers, general contractors, and building owners in their efforts to bring custom tensile membrane projects to life.

Explore the options for your next project by calling 800-422-6827.