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What Are the Benefits of Using Tensile Facades?

By November 1, 2017September 8th, 2022No Comments

Tensile Facades for Parking Garages


In urban areas, industrial parks, and more remote locations, tensile facades have become an increasingly valuable solution for companies looking to address challenges including energy usage, building aesthetics, and brand awareness.  With a wide range of design choices, these textile-based coverings leverage state-of-the-art materials to enhance the entire building envelope or accent specific areas of the building, such as the entrance.

Tensile facades offer substantial functional and economic benefits while supporting the designer’s ability to be creative and innovative.

Functional Benefits of Tensile Facades

One of the common challenges facing property owners, architects, and general contractors is the need to create shade and UV protection.  Tensile facades block much of the sun’s glare and damaging UV rays without disrupting the outward view.  With advances in manufacturing, the materials used in tensile facades are lighter, more durable, and more resistant to climactic damage including wind, hail, and sun. Such materials include mesh or solid PVC membrane and PTFE-coated fiberglass membrane.

Sustainability Benefits of Tensile Facades

Tensile facade systems are especially valuable because of their ability to support sustainability initiatives and increase LEED energy performance.  The systems enhance building thermal controls by blocking significant amounts of solar heat, while allowing diffused natural light to enter.  This means property owners are able to reduce the utility costs associated with lighting and cooling the structure.

When it comes to materials and design, there are many options to consider.  For projects with a sustainability focus, facade systems can be designed to maximize recycled materials and locally sourced products.

Aesthetic Benefits of Tensile Facades

Whether planning a new construction or a conservative renovation, the design opportunities become nearly endless with textile-based facades.  Commonplace buildings and industrial structures are quickly transformed into works of art during the daytime, and up-lighting with LED lights creates another unique look for the nighttime hours.

In the design process, businesses have a unique opportunity to incorporate their corporate identity, which supports brand awareness and marketing initiatives.  In the digital age, your brick and mortar location adds credibility to your business, and tensile facades help to maximize your visibility.

Explore the Tensile Facade Options for Your Property

In the Tension Structures Division of Eide Industries, we specialize in design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of structurally complex and creatively challenging commercial, government, and prototype design projects.  Our expertise with tensile facade systems and tension structures supports architects, designers, general contractors, and owners in their efforts to bring custom tensile membrane projects to life.

Explore the options for your next project.  Contact one of our experts today by calling 800-422-6827.